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Is puckamuck organic?

No, we do not claim that Puckamuck is organic, the manure contributes to the fertility of the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients. But it is out of our hands to guarantee our product 100% organic. This is due to us having no control over what horses consume.

Does puckamuck smell?

Our product does not smell like you would think, it goes through a process which accelerates decomposition leaving it almost odour free by the time it is packaged and sent to you.

How do I work out how much puckamuck I will need?

For every 1m2 we recommend 60litres, giving you the recommended 1.5 - 2-inch layer on top of your existing soil. Please note this is only this is a rough guideline, and all variations of plants and soils will require different strengths of nutritional value. Puckamuck has a PH balance of 6 - 7.5, thus resulting in a well-balanced product suiting both acid and alkaline requirements.

What can I do if I only need a small amount?

We do have a minimum order of 10 sacks for delivery, however, we supply to many garden centres across Sussex. You can go over to our outlet section to find one closest to you where you will be able to purchase our product in a smaller quantity if this is required.

Do you collect empty bulk bags?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a collection service of used bulk bags. If you are going to make another order, we can take your used bulk bag away with us upon delivery.

How much puckamuck do I get?

In every bulk bag you will get approximately 18-20 60litre sacks for reference. In every 2.5 cubic metre load you would get approximately 3.5 bulk bags. In every 12 cubic metre load you would get approximately 5x 2.5cubic metre loads.