At Puckamuck, we recommend that our product is used as a soil enhancer for the best results. We advise using a 20% ratio of Puckamuck alongside your soil for healthy plant growth. Puckamuck can be used as a growth accelerator for plants, vegetables, fruit and roses.

Soil Enhancing - Puckamuck is great for improving the overall quality of the soil. By mixing Puckamuck at a ratio of 20% to 80% soil, you reduce the density of soil (ideal for clay soil), increase nutrition and reviving old soil, making this an excellent option for all round use.

Use as a mulch - one way of using Puckamuck is to use it as a mulch. For this, we advise using a layer of 1.5–2 inches of Puckamuck around your produce. This is effective and works by retaining water and protecting your soil from drying out, making it a great additive to your flower beds during the summer months. This is also a great way of using our product as when watered / rain fall is apparent, it allows nutrition to penetrate down into the soil below, allowing plants to thrive.