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Horse Manure For Sale

Available in various sizes for

Our Puckamuck horse manure is available for purchase in a variety of bag sizes or loose loads for delivery up to a 40-mile radius from our main depot. We are now accepting orders for nationwide delivery in bulk bags only.

For single bags of manure, please visit one of the local garden centres near you.

Garden Manure

We recommend using Puckamuck manure 1-2 times a year for general maintenance or all year round for optimal results. If applied in the autumn, it is best used as mulch; this will ensure your soil is ready for agronomy in the spring! If applied in the winter or early spring, we advise digging the Puckamuck into your existing soil to ensure its nutritional content isn't too high. You should not plant it directly in Puckamuck or use it as compost.

Puckamuck horse manure is a great all-round soil conditioner and will benefit heavy clay soils or even poor, dry soils. This is due to its ability to improve soil structure, easily hold nutritional value, and increase water retention. For chalky or alkaline soils, it may be used, but a sulphur additive is recommended to neutralise the PH balance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to continuous incidents with poor access, unsafe haulage ways, and poor ground conditions resulting in damage to our vehicles, we will no longer allow vehicles to go on allotment sites (unless deemed safe to do so). Any deliveries made to allotments will be to the nearest access point or parking area. For further allotment information, click here: Allotments

Require a larger amount

Depending on your site and location we can also deliver a 7.5m3 and a 12m3 metre load of Puckamuck.

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